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What is UX?

UX = User eXperience

UX is the set of all the ways people perceive and EXPERIENCE A PRODUCT or service – BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER they interact WITH IT.
User Experience / UX

Many types of UX

UX research is the study of how people behave and experience a product – before, during, and after they interact with it.

UX design is the design of user experiences, which means you’ll take the research further by actually creating something – usually a product

Service design – when you are designing a service rather than a product. It mostly involves generative UX research, i.e. investigating people’s problems, and then designing  a solution for those problems.

UI/UX (or UX/UI) – implies the combination of UX practices and User Interface design. When people think of UI they mostly talk about GUIs (graphical user interfaces), such as a mobile app or website’s screen, but other increasingly popular forms of interaction may also be taken into account, e.g. VUIs (voice user interfaces).

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